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Stroops - Rehab Slastix Light

Stroops - Rehab Slastix Light

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Stroops 20" Rehab Slastix Light with 15lbs of resistance.

Backed by the revolutionary technology of Slastix resistance bands, the Rehab Slastix is the perfect tool to restore ultimate mobility and function to any limb or muscle. With optimized versatility and durability, use the Rehab Slastix to be your best self again.

This high-quality sleeved resistance band requires no attachments and no special anchors. All you need is yourself, any safe anchor point, and the will to see your health and well-being improve.

The Rehab Slastix is geared towards helping you restore mobility and strength in your upper- and lower-body muscle groups, such as your shoulders, arms, legs, knees, or hips. Utilizing either one of the band’s specially designed handles, this band is a rehab patient’s best friend.

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