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Denneroll Webinar Series - Module 3 Lumbar Spine Rehab

Denneroll Webinar Series - Module 3 Lumbar Spine Rehab

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Module 3 - Lumbar Spine Rehab 

October 17th, 2020 - 3:00pm-5:00pm CST

Patients with low back pain will commonly present to a chiropractor.  The incidence of lumbar spine dysfunction is increasing as we continue to become more dependent on technology.  Therefore, with increasing levels of disability due to back pain, there is a need to update the practical skills of chiropractors in assessing and managing a patient with lumbar spine dysfunction.  

This seminar will bring the chiropractic Clinician and Researcher up-to-date with the latest evidenced-based information about the management of lumbar spine dysfunction, screening, diagnosis, red-flags will be covered in detail.

Importantly this seminar will help to define the role of the chiropractor in the health care community, when chiropractic management and treatment are appropriate and when collaboration and co-management are the best option. 

This course provides an integrated education for the Doctor of Chiropractic in the science and art of lumbar spine disorders. The role of spinal manipulative therapy and structural correction of sagittal lumbar lordosis will be covered. Normal average and ideal values for the lumbar lordosis will be reviewed. Detailed categories of lumbar postures, spine kinematics and abnormalities of the sagittal lumbar lordosis will be learned. The Chiropractor will learn appropriate application and timing of postural and functional exercises for the lumbar spine designed to correct spinal dysfunction and strengthen the lumbar spine tissues. The Chiropractor will be introduced to the use of home orthotics for structural rehabilitation of the lumbar spine. Indications and contraindications to these new structural rehabilitation procedures will be reviewed. The details of case management using these structural rehabilitation methods will be covered using a variety of case studies for a comprehensive picture of clinical application of this course material. Research material will be reviewed supporting the utilization and efficacy of the lumbar spine rehabilitation.

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